2016 Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus Rehearsal - Allegro P1
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Allegro Choir - Part I (Soprano)

1. Introduction and CD instructions

2. Cantate Domino                               (piano/oboe)
3. Cantate Domino                               (piano only)

4. Can You Hear Me?                            (piano/oboe)
5. Can You Hear Me?                            (piano only)

6. Fairest Lady                                     (piano/oboe)
7. Fairest Lady                (Descant)       (piano/oboe)
8. Fairest Lady                                     (piano only)                                          

9. Johnson Boys              (Treble 1)       (piano/oboe)
10. Johnson Boys            (Treble 2)       (piano/oboe)
11. Johnson Boys            (Treble 3)       (piano/oboe)
12. Johnson Boys                                 (piano only)






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2016 Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus Rehearsal - Allegro P1

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